Key Features
1. Motor control panels
2. Skid mounted plant
3. Robust pumps
4. Flow regulating valve
5. Digital pressure switch
6. Non-return valve
7. Copper inlet connection
8. Inlet filter (optional)
9. BMS- Building Management System (optional)


  • Allows for more user friendly access. Two separate ontrol panels (duplex systems only) allow you to run one unit  hile the other unit is being maintained
  • Accessible mounting holes provide easy installation
  • Factory pre-piped, wired and tested for assured reliability
  • Adjustable from the outside and can be placed on either side of unit
  • Easy-to-read digital display indicates pipeline pressure
  • Designed with minimal pressure drop for better plant performance
  • Installation ready
  • Easy to maintain and prevents large dust particles from entering the pump
  • Allows for interface with additional monitoring system