Meeting Healthcare Facilities’ Challenges Head On
BeaconMedæs priority is to partner with healthcare facilities in the fight against infectious disease. The next generation Zone Valve Box assembly strengthens that commitment. Sensors can be mounted in the assembly, allowing for ease of sensor access and reducing the need to open ceiling tiles, which could potentially release dust spores and other bacteria into the facility.
Designed for integration with the new BeaconMedæs TotalAlert Infinity® notification system, the Zone
Valve Box allows for the placement of compact sensors with DISS Connections that are packaged with the alarm rough-in box.

Fight Bacteria and Mold Growth
The durable polycarbonate window is treated with InstaCure Guardian, a coating that has been successfully
tested against a number of standards for antimicrobial properties. InstaCure Guardian has been shown to
prevent nearly 100 percent of bacterial and mold growth. For more information, see the Zone Valve Box
specification sheet.

Aesthetically Pleasing
Finished in cool gray, the smooth-edged assembly complements any facility’s décor. Color-coded labels provided with the assembly make gas identification safe and easy to use.

Superior Design

  • Up to seven valves can be configured within a single rough-in box, reducing installation time.
  • Assemblies are equipped with three 1/8” brass NPT ports. One allows for purging during the brazing process upstream of valve, one allows for connection of the sensor to the valve, and the third allows for connection of the gauge to the valve.
  • Nylon 6/6 insulated grommets simplify valve replacement and reorientation within the rough-in box.
  • The Zone Valve Box assembly meets all requirements of
    NFPA 99, CAN/CSA Z7396.1-09 and AS2896 2011.

Valve Design
A BeaconMedæs dual port shut-off valve is constructed of a three-piece bronze/brass body featuring double seals and a chrome plated brass ball. Only a quarter turn of the handle is required to operate the valve from an open to a closed position. All valves are designed for a maximum working pressure of 600 psig or
vacuum service to 29” Hg. Type-K copper tube extensions are carefully brazed onto the valves to provide easy and safe connections to the facility’s pipeline. Shut-off valves are available in sizes from 1/2” to 4”. All valves are serviceable in the line and are supplied clean for oxygen service.

The Emergency Oxygen Supply Connection (EOSC)
BeaconMedæs emergency oxygen inlets provide a connection for an auxiliary source of oxygen to the
hospital in emergency or maintenance situations, as required by NFPA 99.
It is installed in the outside hospital wall and connected to the main line oxygen pipeline system. The
inlet consists of a 1” three-piece ball valve, a pressure gauge, and a relief valve mounted inside a sturdy,
weather-tight enclosure.
The rugged, sturdy construction provides protection from the elements and can be secured to prevent
unauthorized access.
Two enclosures are available: recessed mounted with a tubing extension directly out the rear of the
enclosure, and surface mounted with the tubing extension from the right side of the enclosure.
Both enclosures are 14-gauge, cold rolled steel with a light gray polyester powder