In Critical Care Areas
Whatever your needs may be, BeaconMedæs has a complete solution to seamlessly integrate with your department. Atlas and Coronus pendant systems provide convenient access to critical equipment supported by an expertly engineered workstation.
● Designs are configured to your individual needs today, with expandability for tomorrow
● Enclosed joints and easy clean surfaces minimise the cleaning effort
● Totally maintenance free systems – no bearing lubrication required, no parts to wear out
● Wet and dry consoles can readily exchange positions for maximum workspace flexibility

Your care delivery adapts to suit individual patients need, so it follows that equipment must be flexible to adapt to your changing needs too. In order to help you provide the best care in each case, our pendant systems are easily configured to provide a tailor made ergonomic workspace environment. A custom 3D design software package enables us to create and refine each pendant specification with you in person, providing the best solution for each specific application. In a growing number of wards, nursing teams have adopted colour coded aprons as a visual indicator to aid infection control. The central stripes on each pendant arm can be colour coded to compliment this innovation.

The unique bearing design incorporated into each rotating arm joint has resulted in a smooth effortless movement, with minimal force required to accurately position
even the heaviest of loads. So confident are we in the reliability of the bearing mechanisms, we offer a 5 year warranty as standard. Robust extruded aluminium profiles have been engineered with the latest finite element analysis techniques to offer high load capacities, while maximising internal crosssectional area. This provides more service carrying capacity than ever before with space to expand the service consoles to support tomorrows innovations in medical technology.